2011 Lucy Fest – 100th Birthday Celebration for Lucille Ball

If you weren’t in Jamestown, NY this past weekend, you missed out on one of the most extraordinary festivals the area has ever seen! The Lucy Fest took place from August 3-7 with various events, performers, Lucys and fun. While there were many great things to do during the Lucy Fest, 2 favorites were the Lucy parade and the “Be A Lucy” Guinness Book of World Records event.

The 100th Birthday Lucy Parade

There are parades…then there are Lucy parades! The parade took place on Third Street in Jamestown and was very well attended. So well attended that  you may have felt like you were whisked away to an major metropolitan city. Filled with a fleet of 1950’s era vehicles and Lucy look-a-likes, there was definitely a sense of nostalgia in the air. Bands from all over the country as well as Canada performed, many of which are part of Drum Corps International. The Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau sponsored the drum and bugle corps, Les Stentors from Sherbrooke, Quebec.  Not only did the parade attendees have fun, but you could tell that the parade participants were having a blast as well. Nearly everyone from the start to the end sported an ear-to-ear smile. To say that ‘you should have been there’ is an understatement.

100th Birthday Lucy Parade

Be A Lucy

This event allowed participants to help put Jamestown in the Guinness Book of World Records. The new world record would be for the most people dressed like Lucy Ricardo in one place, at one time. On this record setting attempt 915 people dressed like Lucy…on Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday. It was amazing to see men, women, children and pets dressed like Lucy! The registration would get you a Lucy mask and polka-dot “dress” though some people went to the fullest extent and looked like Lucy from head to toe! In addition to the excitement of the Guinness Records attempt, a marriage proposal took place in front of the crowd. She said yes and they promised to name their first child Little Ricky. This was a great event that will be hard to top. With news stations from as far away as Japan, this put Jamestown in front of the world.

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