Peek’n Peak Resort Offers New Segway Tours

The Segway Adventure Tour at Peek’n Peak goes off-road and through the woods.

Peek’n Peak resort in Findley Lake, NY recently added Segway Tours to its list of golf, ski, mini-golf, swimming, cycling and spa activities. Last week, I convinced my daughter to join me on a tour and ventured down to the Peak on a beautiful sunny morning. We checked in for a one hour Adventure Tour at the Lower Golf Course Pro Shop and then took a short walk to the Rental Shop for a 15-minute training session before embarking on our adventure.

Trainer and tour guide, Brian, explains how the Segway works.


Brian, our trainer and tour guide, was very patient and helpful, fitting our helmets and explaining the mechanisms of how the Segway works. Essentially, it responds with great sensitivity to your movements while you stand on platform between two very stable wheels and hold onto handlebars. It sounds easy, and really it is, but if you make even slight movements, the Segway turns around or moves back and forth, so you have to pay attention. It’s also very intuitive; to move, you just lean forward or backward, and to turn, press gently on the bars either to the left or right. While not a strenuous exercise, you do need some strength and dexterity in your legs for balance. As we rolled over to the bunny hill for practice, I was reminded of the floating sensation of waterskiing but without the concern for falling or the strain on my arms.

After some quick runs up and down the hill and practice turning on the incline, we followed a snowmobile trail out past a beaver pond to an old ropes course. The pond area was filled with birds and a multitude of various kinds of butterflies. For me, the biggest challenge was remembering to keep my head up and enjoy the scenery. We practiced maneuvering the Segways through the ropes course, doing sharp turns and figure 8’s around tree stumps and obstacles and then headed to a field for some racing curves and freestyle riding before returning to the Peak.

The Scenic Segway Tours climb to the top of the slopes via Canterbury Drive.

Prepare to bounce around a bit on the Adventure Tour along the rutted dirt road and uneven surface of the woods. If you prefer a smooth ride, the Scenic Tour stays mostly on a paved surface, climbing Canterbury Drive up and over the top of the hill, and leaving the road a short distance to get a spectacular view from the top of the slopes. With this option, the Upper Golf Course Snack Shop is available for a quick stop before descending down the other side. Both tours are $50 and an hour long. If you don’t want to commit to a tour, you can try out the Segways in a 30 minute free-style session for $20. Tours leave at 10 a.m., 1:30 and 3:00 p.m. and reservations are required. Call 716-355-4141 and ask for the Segway Tours to reserve a spot or visit for details.

Closed-toed shoes with a back strap are required to ride the Segways and no “shape-ups” are allowed as they will interfere with your balance and the ability of the Segway to interpret your movements. Per the manufacturer’s suggestion, riders should be at least 5’ tall and weigh between 100 and 260 lbs. We recommend bug spray or long pants if going on the Adventure Tour as you do go by the pond. Also you might want to be sure to put on some sun screen. In case you forget, Brian has some at the Rental Shop. Each Segway comes with a small pack attached to hold keys, small purses, cameras, etc.

The Inn at the Peak maintains its old world charm with all new renovated rooms.

In other news, the Inn at the Peak has all newly renovated rooms. There are 108 of them, and they are beautiful! Everything has been replaced and rebuilt right down to the walls with all new bathrooms and fixtures, furniture, bedding and accessories. Also, in a collaborative effort to promote Chautauqua County and nearby Erie, PA  as a regional golf destination, Scott Enterprises, new owners of Peek’n Peak, and Chautauqua Institution are teaming up to offer golf getaway packages. Come for a few days, stay at one of the hotels between Chautauqua and Erie, and try your golf skills on five different world-class courses – the Upper and Lower courses at the Peak, the Lake and Hill courses at the Chautauqua Golf Club and the course at Whispering Woods. Look for details at or

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